Mongolian Lunar new year's GIFT SET 2

Product Description

Water based washable and refreshing masks with 4 types of blueberry, sea buckthorn, coal and cacao.  

 Loosened skin shall be enhanced and lifted with first apply.  
 You will forget dryness
 Promote skin with vitamins.
 No fake odor and color/ organic color of berry/

1. With coal- removes black acne, blackhead, and protect skin from dryness
2. With Seabuckthorn- removes wrinkles and serves against skin fading, dryness
3. With cacao- removes pigment, spots, and dryness
4. With blueberry- Promotes skin with vitamins and protects skin from loosening and dryness

These colorful bomb will make your skin gentle and soft, scrubbed, burn celluloid, enhance blood circulation, and relieve fatigue.  

- Blue bomb: With mint. /Mint will replenish tissues and enhance immunization/
- Green bomb: With tree extracts. / Tea tree has anti-aging properties, relieve skin, and provide with oxygen/
- Pink bomb: With rose extract  /Rose will relax mood, release muscle and remove stress. /
- Yellow bomb: with lemon /Lemon removes water chlorine and tighten skin making it gentle./
- Orange bomb: With seabuckthorn /Seabuckthorn has more oil so it suitable for dry skin/
- Pink bomb: With lavender /Lavender will replenish and relieve skin. Also it has protects from wound, putrefaction. /
- White bomb: It has no additional ingredients so it is suitable for kids and sensitive skin type.

Thymus is rich in vitamins of А, С, B and К and has special power to support hair growth, makes the hair glossy, prevents from hair loss and cures the scalp inflammation. The lavender essence is rich in vitamins to improve the hair structure. Keep away from light.

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