Dear MonChoiceGlobal Customers,


As we adapt to side-affects from COVID-19 in our lifestyles around the world, we at MonChoiceGlobal are committed to bringing the best products you love from Mongolia.

Since most of our products are made and stored in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, it is important for you to know how COVID-19 impacts our distribution.  Currently, Mongolia has closed its border for all incoming planes from all countries to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Only Mongolian Airlines are allowed to fly out of the country following a strict schedule for each month.

  • For September Scheduled Cargo plane dates: 


         South Korea - September 3, 15 & 24th 

         Hong-Kong - September 8 & 17th

         Japan - September 9 & 21st

         Germany - September 14 & 23rd

          Australia- September 25th

          U.S - September 28th 

Please note if you place any orders on any day in September, we only will be able to ship your order on the days noted. 

If you miss the last day of scheduled shipment, we will make sure to ship your products according to the Mongolian Airline schedule released each month.  

We will continue to update this page for any changes to the cargo schedule. We will also continue to track and update our customers for their product shipment and delivery.

Our Customer Care Team is available 24/7 at

Stay Safe & Stay Connected!

Thank you for shopping at MonChoiceGlobal!