Wool Felt Shoe for Girls

Product Description

Wool is well known for its natural durability and thermally insulating properties for centuries. Wool has a natural waviness called “crimp.” This crimp contributes to wool’s insulative properties, which exist because the bulkiness of wool naturally traps approximately 80% air. Each hair piece moves freely and generates heat during friction, as well as absorbing and retaining heat from the human body.
Wool has a great capacity of absorbing moisture which helps preventing feet from sweating and allows the skin to breathe. Felt shoes can keep feet warm, comfortable and dry without causing any odor.

Our Handmade Felt Shoes are 100% made with wool. We are committed reaching our customers’ satisfaction and aims to deliver quality and comfortable felt shoes that you can proudly wear outside on any occasions.  We use a special wool dye for our colored felt shoes which does not affect its shape and color appearance over time.

This Wool Felt Boots for Men are a very unique and  handmade.

Cleaning Method: We highly suggest not to wash felt shoes in washing machine. Recommended cleaning method is to remove the dirt from the outside with a brush first then carpet cleaning foam can be used to wash off any stain. Also, you can take it to the dry-cleaning service.

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